• INFANT BAPTISM will be held on first Sunday of January, March, May, July, September, November @ 4.00pm. Completed forms must be submitted to the parish office two (2) weeks before date of Baptism with the following documents:

    (a) Parents’ Baptismal certificate(s);

    (b) Church Marriage Certificate of parents;

    (c) Child’s Birth Certificate; and

    (d) The Godparents’ Baptismal Certificates.

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  • WEDDINGS arrangement must be made with the Parish Office at least one (1) year before the date of wedding. Couples are to attend the either the Engaged Encounter or Marriage Preparation Courses.

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  • (For information, please contact the Parish Office at 6737-9285)

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  • Parishioners who are hospitalized or confined at home because of a serious illness or of advanced age may contact the Parish Office to make arrangement for a priest to administer an anointing of the Sick, Communion and Confession in the Hospital or at their home.

    However, for individuals who have a scheduled date for a surgery, hospitalization, etc, we encourage you to make an appointment to come to the Parish to receive the Sacrament before the procedure.

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